01 July 2009

Hello readers! Hope you're all doing well and planning something safe and fun for the Fourth of July!

Here is a quick thought of the day: do you want to build connections and increase your influence at work? Try making someone else look good for change! It will come back to you full circle! I try to regularly do this - and it REALLY helps create strong bonds with the people I work with and builds our team at the same time. Try these ideas: go out of your way and give (a sincere) compliment to a colleague in front of their boss, nominate a deserving colleague for an employee award, or just give leave a special treat for a struggling co-worker at their work station! These small gestures can pay off big, not only for your career but also for the work community AND BEYOND!

Finally, I thought I would share with you a profile (all about me) created by my alma matter, Antioch University New England - for their website. Check it out to learn a little more about who I am and what I do!



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Rena Kornblum said...

I just wanted to let you know about a new blog about Disarming the Playground. I am adding new handouts and activities that therapist at Hancock Center for Dance/Movement Therapy have added since the curriculum was published. I am hoping other people will add ways they have adapted the curriculum or have used movement in violence prevention.
The new blog address is http://disarmingplayground.wordpress.com/
Please add it to your links.
Rena Kornblum