11 May 2009

A beautifully rendered article from a true expert on chronic, clinical depression.

It seems awkward that my first Blog post should be linked to someone else's beautiful writing, but the opportunity exists, and therefore I need to follow! Please consider reading this wonderful article written by DAPHNE MERKIN, a contributing writer for the NYTimes Magazine (link below). Within, Ms. Merkin gives voice to her decades-long battle with severe, debilitating depression. Her candor and honesty are true gifts to the reader allowing us to follow her journey into a NYC Psychiatric Hospital and subsequent recovery from the described depressive episode.

As a professional Dance/Movement Therapist, I was reminded of my work in a large Psychiatric Hospital and all of the amazingly resilient individuals whom I served there suffering from the full spectrum of psychiatric disorders - who showed such courage and veracity in their willingness to engage in the creative-therapeutic process in Dance Therapy Groups. I only wish that Ms. Merkin had the opportunity to receive specialized treatment in the creative arts therapies - as these modalities offer very effective treatment for individuals suffering from depression (and many other psychiatric disorders) across domains - including: biological, social, emotional, neurological - even spiritual. To find a Dance/Movement Therapist in your area, follow this link:
http://www.adta.org and click on the directory.


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